Canadian company Research In Motion (RIM) might be facing a troubled time in the global markets but that hasn’t stopped them from persevering and glamming up their popular products. In fact, this particular one has been the talk of the town for the longest time and true blue fans of the smartphones were left sitting on the edges of their seats, anticipating the launch.

And yesterday evening, the wait finally came to an end.


Roll out the red carpet and make way for the all new, all sexy, and all glam BlackBerry Porsche Design P’9981.

The ultra-premium BlackBerry smartphone features a 1.2 GHz processor and liquid graphics technology, HD video recording, 24-bit high resolution graphics, advanced sensors, and built-in support for NFC (near field communications) apart from 8 GB of on-board memory, expandable to up to 40 GB with a microSD card.

Which is, pretty ordinary when you really think about the specs. Ah, but its strongest selling points would be its forged stainless steel frame, hand-wrapped leather back cover (yes, hand-wrapped!), sculpted QWERTY keyboard, and crystal clear touch display. Every individual BlackBerry Porsche Design P’9981 also comes with an exclusive BlackBerry PIN that easily identifies the user from other BlackBerry smartphones, leavings loads to be desired.

Oh so sexy!

It’s so exclusive that it will only be sold at select outlets, much like other luxurious couture products (read: watches and accessories) and the BlackBerry Porsche Design P’9981 will be priced at a whopping RM6,388.


Survey says? Steep! As are all designer goods anyway so if anyone can afford a little bit of luxury, why not the BlackBerry Porsche Design P’9981?


For more information, visit BlackBerry Malaysia’s website.

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