In the span of a week, Lindsay Lohan aka LiLo has made headlines countless of times. From her Glee episode drama to a Porsche car crash, and now, in a scare that involved paramedics.

LiLo was found unconscious in the penthouse of a Marina del Rey, California hotel room. Although the initial news said that she was taken to the hospital and that her condition was unknown, the later reports confirmed that yes, paramedics responded to the call but they left without LiLo.


Her production team was said to have sent a private doctor to check on her afterwards.

Of course, the media was on fire with news and reporters had a field day because LiLo is known to be an often troubled celeb. Too bad for them, she is alive and well.

25-year-old LiLo, who is currently filming a television movie based on Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor’s life had been working for two days nonstop before the incident. She was just suffering from exhaustion and dehydration. Yup. Nothing to do with 18-wheelers or alcohol.

It was just another day in the life of Lindsay Lohan.

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