Whenever a beauty pageant creeps up, a scandal of some form is bound to be unveiled. Regardless of the scale of the pageant, any discoveries that are deemed to be controversial would usually result in the removal of a contestant or the revoking of a winner’s title altogether.

Remember Vanessa Williams? The first African American to bag the title of Miss America only to have it taken away from her when nude photographs of her was discovered. How about former Miss California Carrie Prejean who not only publically said that she supported only “opposite marriage” on top of having her nude photographs surface online?

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The latest beauty princess to get tangled in the web is Miss Hong Kong 2012 finalist Kayley Chung. It appears that the 26-year-old has had her sexy photos leaked into the interwebs, featuring her boyfriend, Man Yu.

In the picture (discovered via Man Yu’s Facebook account), the couple is seen in a hotel bathtub. Apparently, the bathtub photo has been deleted since but more scandalous pictures have surfaced since. Disturbed, the pageant organizers immediately called for a press conference.

With regards to the photo, Kayley said that they were taken when the couple was in Thailand for a holiday a few years ago. She also commented that she has not thought of participating in the Miss Hong Kong beauty pageant yet then and that she will now do whatever the organizers have planned for her.

Even if she’s told to pull out of the competition? We think so.

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