The fastest way to a man’s heart is through is stomach but what about when it’s him doing the cooking? What’s his comfort food? Does he have a secret recipe or his best dish? Was there ever a woman lucky enough to have cooked for him (be jealous!)? Does he even like his mom’s cooking?

We ask half English, half Chinese Malaysian model-turned-actor Peter Davis, who happens to be one of the 18 gorgeous men from all around Asia in DIVA Universal‘s latest reality series, “Hot Guys Who Cook“.


Tell us a little bit about your day job (but leave the cooking out of it!).

“Currently I’m extremely busy training for a fight, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) for OneFC. My other day jobs are currently sidelined!  I’m training once in the morning and once in the afternoon with little time for much else!”

With such a hectic schedule, it must be impossible to eat heartily. However, pray tell what your comfort food is when you have time to indulge.

“I sometimes manage to hold out until I find good food to eat. But if it’s bad food that I’m after, it’s a fat burger..slightly better and I’ll go for a steak. Usually though, noodles with an egg on top will do!”


We know the saying that the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So pray tell, what was the best dish a woman has ever cooked for you (we’re talking “head over heels, over the moon” material). And for/on what occasion?

“’s bad..I’ll take offers, one has ever cooked for me in order to do anything! Apart from my mum (smile). But if I had to have a dish that would make me fall head over heals, something extremely hearty and wholesome bad and good at the same time, it’d be a big fat lasagne. Oooh now I’m hungry!”

True or false: Mom’s cooking or home cooked food is the best.


“True. Mom’s cooking is the best. But sometimes you can be suprised if you pay top dollar.”

What’s your best dish?

“My best dish is probably my mum’s prawn dish, that I’ve modified! I’ve spent the most time perfecting it and I don’t get that much time in the kitchen. However, I’m also playing the role of Sam a Pastry chef for a new tv drama; I Eat KL. So I’m learning some new found skills in the kitchen!”

Every cook or chef has a secret weapon – be it Japanese soy sauce or five-spice powder. What’s yours and how do you usually use it?

“I love using herbs mixed herbs for anything savoury.  And since we’re in Asia, chilli Padi is pretty awesome to spice life up!”

What can your die-hard fans expect from “Hot Guys Who Cook” when it premieres on the 25th of June?

“Me, let loose and rambling around in the kitchen chopping things up badly and cooking fantastically. Hahaha. You’ll have to watch and find out (wink)”

Okay, final question! Is there anything you’d like to say to our readers?

“Be good, eat well (most of the time!), drink reasonably, and do what ever you do well. Never give up. Lots of love. Peter x”

Ready to see Peter and 17 other super gorgeous, super delicious hotties attempt to cook up a storm in the kitchen? Are you trying to find the funnest and easiest way of main quick meals (while listening to hot men spill their dating tips and juicy stories)?

Or, ahem. Have you been secretly wondering if “that hot model” can whip up a thing or two when nobody else is looking?:

[youtube id=”h0IcaUnLW1w” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Find out on “Hot Guys Who Cook” when it premieres on the 25th of June (Monday) at 9pm exclusively on DIVA Universal.

For more information, visit their official website.

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