Ah, DJs. It seems like they get paid for partying and just partying alone. But when you rip away all the layers, there’s more to being a DJ than just “sex, drugs, rock and roll” or rather, “party, music, money, glory, and girls”.

Said to be one of the most taxing careers/professions in the world, the polar extremes of being a world famous international “center of all attention” DJ are the mad disparities between day and night.


During the day, all is tranquil and most of these EDM icons find themselves in isolation. At night, they are required to pull of a show of high energy while churning out tune after tune that has to move people. You could say that they live their lives seeking approval from prospective followers and fans.

Lots of fun? Well, yes. High stress? Definitely. At the end of the day, they’re just doing their jobs.

So it seems that they get paid hundreds of thousand of dollars, and sometimes millions, for just a two-hour set. Sometimes three, if the fans are lucky. Have you ever wondered though, who are the current top earning DJs of the world? Prepare to be amazed (and baffled, maybe):

#30: Afrojack Net Worth – $2 million

#29: Markus Schulz Net Worth – $2 million

#28: Darude Net Worth – $2.5 million

#27: Kaskade Net Worth – $3 million

#26: Martin Solveig Net Worth – $3 million


#25: Eric Prydz Net Worth – $4 million

#24: Swedish House Mafia Net Worth – $4 million each

#23: Gareth Emery Net Worth – $5 million

#22: Avicii Net Worth – $6 million

#21: Skrillex Net Worth – $8 million

#20: ATB aka Andre Tanneberger – $8 million

#19: Calvin Harris Net Worth – $10 million

#18: Deadmau5 Net Worth – $12 million

#17: Benny Benassi Net Worth – $14 million

#16: Carl Cox Net Worth – $15 million

#15: The Chemical Brothers Net Worth – $15 million

#14: Ferry Corsten Net Worth – $18 million

#13: Steve Aoki Net Worth – $20 million

#12: Fatboy Slim Net Worth – $22 million

#11: David Guetta Net Worth – $25 million

#10: Moby Net Worth $28 million

#9: Daft Punk Net Worth – $30 million each

#8: Pete Tong Net Worth – $30 million

#7: Judge Jules Net Worth – $40 million

#6: Sasha (DJ) Net Worth – $40 million

#5: Armin van Buuren Net Worth – $40 million

#4: John Digweed Net Worth – $45 million

#3: Paul van Dyk Net Worth – $50 million

#2: Paul Oakenfold Net Worth – $55 million

And the world’s top, top, TOP earning DJ is none other than:

#1: DJ Tiesto Net Worth – $65 million

Surprised? We’re not. But before you throw a tantrum, take into consideration the shows that they’ve played at (both for the masses and private ones), the labels that they’re handling, the albums in their discography, and the music that they’ve produced (for themselves and for other artistes).

Yes. Makes sense now, doesn’t it? Now go party:

[youtube id=”a87BNyHANV0″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

Source: Celebrity Net Worth

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