She’s famous for shocking the world with her edgy style – boyish, punk rock, grunge, girly, and glam. This means finding a wardrobe to go with the look and doing various things to her hair. She often dyes her hair in a rainbow variety of colours. You know, just for fun.

Including bold pink, vomit green..


..and both all at the same time.

Recently, 27-year-old Avril Lavigne stepped out in a hairstyle that’s bolder than ever – an undercut aka a one-sided shaved haircut. She debuted the hair (or rather, awkwardly lack of) in France last weekend and even posed for the cameras.

Of course, no hairstyle is complete without the matching outfit, right?\

Avril was decked out in an oh-so-rough-and-tough leather biker jacket and a black and white striped T-shirt. Ooh. Maybe she’s making a comeback to her punk rock image? Especially so after her recent breakup with Brody Jenner.

Move out of the way, boys. Don’t mess with this one!


Quick question though: Does she or does she not remind you of a certain quirky, multiple-award winning dubstep maestro and his equally quirky girlfriend?

Hmm. We wonder what their thoughts are about this recent finding!

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