The ever changing social media platform, Twitter, is one of the main channels that are being used for various things. From personal rants to promos and campaigns, to news sharing/alerts to spoof accounts for daily LOLs. And now, even tourism.

Thomas Brühl (CEO of VisitSweden) said that Sweden’s tourism ministry officially kicked off their tourism campaign with the blessing of the Swedish government. How does it work? One Swedish citizen will control the handle each week, tweeting about whatever they’d like, as a part of the campaign called “Curators of Sweden”.


Portraying Sweden the best way they know how via Twitter, if they may, for those who have yet to visit the country. So far, the account has seen Swedes’ tweets from all walks of life including an ad agency founder who owns a farm, a suburban writer, a teacher, a coffee-drinking lesbian trucker, and even a priest.

Sweden from the eyes of many? Yes! It was genius. Until:

Source: mashable
Source: mashable

The current Swede behind the account is mother-of-two Sonja Abrahamsson who made it a point to post not only a string of tweets but also claim, “This @sweden-thing is not an experiment. We have done this for SEVEN MONTHS! We know exactly what we are doing!” to the account’s 39,558 followers.

Oh boy..

The controversial tweets have sparked an outrage and our best guess is, it will continue to until her reign as the current weekly Twitterer is over. But we reckon that her personal Twitter account has already gained an influex of new followers since the “abomination”. Can’t really fault her now, or can we?

[youtube id=”mgTpoBYOiac” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Well played, Sonja, well played.

(Source: mashable)

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