Whenever it’s news regarding Lindsay Lohan aka LiLo, it’s almost always breaking news judging from the seriousness of the issues.

Last Friday, LiLo was taken to the hospital after her black Porsche collided with an 18-wheeler. The accident, which occurred on the Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica reportedly rendered the car totaled.


The car had a severely damaged front end with the hood pushed up and nearly dislodged, the airbag deployed and a smashed windshield. The passenger side window was shattered and the rear bumper was torn off her car.

As for the 25-year-old actress (who is currently filming the TV biopic “Liz & Dick”, in which she stars as a film icon Elizabeth Taylor though not nearly as reckless as she is), she was transported to the hospital with no major injuries. The doctors, however, are performing tests. Oh, you know, since LiLo has a history of DUIs, court cases, probations, intoxications, you name it.

Because she has a history of not-so-favourable records, she is now on the verge of derailing her life again because not only did she initially blame the driver whose truck she hit, he has since come forward to claim that it was her fault. “She came over and hit the back of the truck”, the man in question said.

And now, she has no choice but blame the Porsche by claiming that she slammed on the brakes but nothing happened.

Mechanical failure, Lindsay, really? We say stop driving yourself down the road to destruction.

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