Five years, two children (four-year-old Levi and two-and-a-half-year-old Vida) and a Christmas day engagement later, 42-year-old Matthew McConaughey has finally married gorgeous Brazilian model Camila Alves!

In an intimate Saturday evening ceremony and in the presence of their close friends and family, the couple tied the knot officially and cozily at their sprawling luxurious Austin, Texas property.


A sea of state-of-the-art tents that lined the backyard were set up, acting as accommodation for their guests. The temporary abodes were said to be equipped with air-conditioning units, kitted out with beds, cozy white fur rugs on the floor, and outdoor seating with doormats at the front.


Right smack in the middle of the entire outdoor ensemble stood a giant white tent we asll as six or seven long wooden dining tables, each one fit to accommodate 15 to 20 people.


But of course, only the best for Matthew and Camila’s “slumber party”-esque wedding! Who needs to worry about guests being late?

The couple kept the nuptials a secret from guests up until the very last minute, wanting it to be a 100% private event with only those who were nearest and dearest to them. We hear that hired help and workers who helped set up were even asked to sign nondisclosure agreements. Whoa.

It all sounds very romantic. We know one thing for sure – that deep in the heart of Texas, and in front of their adorable children, Matthew and Camila finally said, “I do.”

Psst. Do we hear hearts breaking or what?

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