Yesterday, a brand new lineup of entertainment “engines” for consumers (and businesses) were unveiled.

Power by the latest 3rd generation Intel Core processors, across a host of machines to suit every need, style, and palette, Lenovo Malaysia is all set to change the face of portable entertainment once again.


Leading the lineup of new Lenovo PCs is the much awaited and coveted IdeaPad U Series Ultrabooks. Gasp!

Available in two models, the IdeaPad U310 and U410 take the era of thin, lightweight, and ultra-responsive mobile computing to a new level of affordability without compromising quality or style. Also available are the new IdeaPad Y Series (Y480 and Y580), and the IdeaPad Z480, which makes up to a full spectrum of styles, colours, and performance options for every discerning consumer.

Well now, discerning consumers we are. In the interest of owning a piece of super portable, super mobile entertainment “machine”, we say we’d definitely go for the IdeaPad U Series Ultrabooks.

What says style better than effortlessly cradling something that’s that light and slim as that in our arms?


What’s that? You want to watch Christina Perri’s latest music video on YouTube? Here..catch.

Just kidding.

At “Unzip the Gold“, Lenovo Malaysia also kicked off one of the largest coordinated marketing campaigns in Lenovo’s history – the exciting “Book of DO” campaign. The campaign is designed to reach out to Malaysians through the lives of three young Malaysians who exemplify the “Arts of DO” (such as writing, art, and music) via ambassadors:

  1. Galvin Tan (Writer for Decoding Galvin)
  2. Yvonne Yong (Digital Artist)
  3. LFL (DJ duo)
Galvin Tan
Yvonne Yong

These ambassadors were presented with a Lenovo IdeaPad U310 each to share their stories and experiences using the Ultrabook. Their stories will later be published and made available on Lenovo Malaysia’s Facebook page, and also through their individual social networks.

Additionally, the ambassadors will also be conducting a series of Arts of Do workshops over the 23rd and 24th June weekend, in partnership with MPH Bookstores, where they’ll share insights and secrets of their crafts with the public.

Inspiring! How about that? Are you a DOer?

Interested in snagging yourself the ultimate entertainment accessory? Prices are as follows:

To view more pictures from Lenovo Malaysia’s “Unzip the Gold” event, click! For more information, visit Lenovo Malaysia’s official website or their Facebook page.

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