At just 25 years old, she has already lived a handful of lives. Touring the world as an assistant to a rock band, spending a year at the prestigious University of Arts with a sizeable scholarship, becoming a wife and then an ex-wife, producing popular music videos, making olive oil in Italy (it’s true!), and even serving as a fashionista barrista in Beverly Hills, evidently her resume is anything but unimpressive.

Here’s the thing though; Christina Perri didn’t expect music to be her career path. But she knew that it was tapping on her shoulder for a long time now. It was after her split from her husband that she locked herself in the house and wrote music.


And so began her life as a singer-songwriter, and a talented beyond words musician.

Christina Perri, one word, beautiful.

Just yesterday, we were invited to have a little chat (read: interview) with the sweetheart herself. We must say, as much as she was surprised by the response that she was getting on this side of the world (Christina said that fans are now sending her jars of hearts, literally. Candy hearts, chocolate hearts, paper hearts, you name it!), we were genuinely surprised by how gorgeous she was in real life and also, what a warm person she is.

Hi Christina! You’re a big Beatles fan. Which of the Beatles members is your favourite?

“Oh that is the hardest question ever. I go through phases and I’ve been on a George kick for the past couple of months but Paul..I just met him and that was on my bucket list. I met him twice in one month! I didn’t know what to say to him because I didn’t prepare. I didn’t know I was going to meet him. I had like 25 years to prepare and I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner. What do you say to Paul McCartney?”

Are the songs that you write just you and all you or is it just something you do for your albums?

“I’d say that my songs are really me. I mean, I wrote them all. I’m definitely really emotional but in real life I’m a little bit more charismatic than what people think from just hearing those songs. If you listen to the album, it definitely goes up and down but the singles have been a little slow in tempo. But that’s where I put all that stuff – in my music. It’s how I get through life. Writing songs.”


What’s your songwriting process like? Do you have a routine you have to do before getting into a song like ambience or atmosphere or..some tea?

“That would be awesome! (laughs) Magic tea! It’s differently every day for me because I never know when a song is going to come. A genuine one. I write all the time just in case a good one’s in there but I believe in the idea of a song coming through me and not right from me. So I have to almost catch it. I try to get to an instrument, or a pen, or my voice memos. I wouldn’t know what I would do without my iPhone’s voice memos, I mean, it’s filled with album materials. The only thing that’s consistent is how emotional I am. So a song has to come out. It’s how I feel better.”

You were launched into the world of stardom you think you’ll ever get used to all the attention?

“That’s a great question! I try not to think about it too much. I think if you really get into it too much then that’s how you’d change and lose yourself in it. I just have too many amazing people in my life and most days I’m depending on my family, friends, my band, and my crew to smack me on my head if I was being a weirdo. I really try to stay out of it and enjoy every moment that comes.”

As they say, all good things have to eventually come to an end but before we ended out little chat with the super sweetheart, Christina Perri, she dishes out that her upcoming album (slated for a 2013 release) was inspired by, well, a lot of chocolate milkshakes, running, and crying a lot.

And she says that it’s going to be a lot more relaxed! So fans, take heed.

Special thanks to Warner Music Malaysia for the exclusive interview. Click to see pictures from Christina’s show at KL Live!

For more information, visit Christina Perri’s official website and if you haven’t already, go like her on Facebook!

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