On a blistering hot Sunday, Jaeger-LeCoultre Malaysia once again played host to The Malaysian Ladies International Polo Championship 2012. Yes, the much anticipated polo season has finally arrived!

This year’s polo championship was a golden opportunity for fans to catch world class polo players Lia Salvo. Jennifer Too, Anis Jamaluddin, and Lynley Fongrepresent team Jaeger-LeCoultre.


Great polo and sportswomanship aside, The Malaysian Ladies International Polo Championship 2012 also doubled as a historic watch exhibition (featuring exquisite Jaeger-LeCoultre pieces and the new Grange Reverso 1931 Rouge) and the glamorous Red Party, all presented by Jaeger-LeCoultre.

La Boheme”, one third of the teams that were entered The Malaysian Ladies International Polo Championship 2012 were crowned champions this year. The team was patroned by Puan Seri Leah Hamdan, Lorna Dodd, America’s Sunny Hale, and Germany’s Claudia Zeisberger.  They beat the Jaeger-LeCoultre team 5 – 4 in an intense and tense final.

Hairpieces, hats, bottles of wine aplenty, and a special marching band performance by The Royal Malaysian Air Force (TUDM) coupled with a thrilling tournament to boot, it was a lazy Sunday well spent at the Royal Selangor Polo Club right smack in the heart of Ampang.

Now, who said a good game of polo can’t be interesting?

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