Malaysia’s top exhibitor and multiplex cinema chain operator celebrated its 17th year of establishment last weekend at The Pool with exclusive business partners, members of the media, and friends of the brand.

Joining the celebration were TGV Cinemas’ prominent business partners like Walt Disney Studios Sony Pictures Releasing, United International Pictures (UIP), and 20th Century Fox Film, just to name a few. Our gorgeous local celebrities and avid moviegoers such as Jojo Struys, Taiyuddin Bakar, Azura Zainal, and Chelsia Ng were also present at the “Funky Sweet 17” bash.


The evening’s entertainment began with an exhilarating show by the “No Noise Percussion Unit“, better known to us as the epic “STOMP”-like performance. Guests were also treated to a special synchronized swimming performance by the effervescent twin sisters, Jillian and Jacqueline Ng.

An extremely elated Mr. Kenny Wong (CEO of TGV Cinemas) took the stage some time in the night and said, “We are very thankful for the support from our partners, the media, and friends of TGV who have played a crucial part in TGV Cinemas’ success today.”

“I am proud to say that in the last 17 wonderful years, TGV Cinemas has boldly showcased ground-breaking ideas that have continually set the benchmark for the industry and moviegoers. We are committed to take the cinema industry up a notch by providing moviegoers with an even more enhanced cinema experience”, he added.

For the past year, TGV Cinemas has been put through a transformation exercise, adopting a fresh “look and feel” in its cinema chain. This change includes new concepts and advances in cinema technology such as digital IMAX, the Beanieplex beanbag hall, TGV Club premier halls, tiered seating options, and the Cantina lifestyle cafe hangout as well as the new F&B concepts like Popcorn Royale, Smokin’ Hot Minis, imported Nachos, and limited edition movie Tumbos that make for a vibrant concessions offering.

The great night of fun with good company was topped off with attractive lucky draw prizes up for grabs. Prizes included a Samsung TV and Tabs, iPod shuffles, and Nokia Lumia phones. Needless to say, lucky draw winners and guests alike went home with big smiles plastered on their faces!

Congratulations, TGV Cinemas on the super success of your “Funky Sweet 17” party. And a very happy birthday. Here’s to many more years, and milestones of success to come!


For more information, visit TGV Cinemas’ official website or follow them on their Twitter account for more timely updates (hint: promos).

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