In an adaptation of the successful, world-famous stage musical based on Victor Hugo’s 1862 classic novel, Les Misérables the movie is all set to refresh the story of Jean Valjean and his life journey.

The musical alone was multi-award winning, and it was seen by over 50 million people worldwide, in 38 countries, and in 21 languages. It didn’t only raise the bar for but also set a whole new level for musical productions.


And this year, it’s coming back to us across silver screens all around the world.

The story of Les Misérables is set amidst the social and political struggles of 19th century France and it revolves around the life of Jean Valjean (played by Hugh Jackman), a Frenchman who was imprisoned for stealing bread. He is then released after 20 years of cruelties and hard labor, but is still required to report for parole.

Ah, but he is determined to start his life anew.

Years later, Valjean manages to break free of his awful past and becomes mayor of Vigau, where he also maintains a factory. All is well until a certain Inspector Javert (played by Russell Crowe) is suspicious of Valjean’s identity and decides to make it his life mission to hunt Valjean down ruthlessly, to imprison him again.

Of course, sometime between Valjean’s decision to start his life anew and Inspector Javert’s chase, Valjean finds love.

The relationship is with none other than Fantine (played by Anne Hathaway) who lost her job and starting prostituting because of starvation:


[youtube id=”EnLSG5t_dc8″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

And really, the story is pretty much as complex as you would have it. Tragic end or not, we’ll leave the storytelling for the movie when it’s released in our cinemas in December 2012.

For more information, visit the movie’s official website.

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