Thank all of you for being such troopers! Gotta love the enthusiasm. As promised, here’s the complete list of winners for our “Madagascar 3” movie tickets contest:

  1. Sanny Chai
  2. Jocelyn Yoon
  3. Sherry Go
  4. Massuita Md Ekhwan
  5. Stephen Ho
  6. Ahmad Fadullah
  7. Apezudin Esa
  8. MoMo Cha
  9. Yoke Ching
  10. Lynn Dhia
  11. Melissa
  12. Kit Wai
  13. Mervin
  14. Sim
  15. Alicia Man
  16. Jessica Kan
  17. Perry Loh
  18. Charmane Koh
  19. Arrifin
  20. Hafiz
  21. Shan
  22. Christopher Kwok
  23. Jerry Liew
  24. Le Ann
  25. Sasha Lazaroo
  26. Ooi Pek Yi
  27. Michael Chin
  28. Cheryl Lee Ling
  29. Shek Yee Yong
  30. Faranadia Abdullah
Congratulations! We can’t wait to catch the movie with you lucky, lucky lot. And it’s all thanks to the awesome people of United International Pictures (UIP) Malaysia.

[youtube id=”PlkWVkpP59U” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Deets as follows:


Date: 5th June 2012 (Tuesday)

Venue: GSC Mid Valley

Time: 9pm

Kindly collect your tickets from our counter at GSC Mid Valley from 8pm onwards. Remember, tickets are non-transferable.

We look forward to seeing you at the exclusive screening. Yay!

For more information, visit the movie’s official website.

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