If you can’t achieve good pictures with good lighting and an extremely professional photographer who knows his/her angles like the back of his/her hand, then there’s always Photoshop. But sometimes, Photoshop makes celebrities the victims of bad press.

At Demi Moore’s lowest point, she looked like she needed more sleep more food, and definitely more makeup. We’re talking major overhaul. But we can’t blame her entirely – especially after going through her relationship hardships.

Cosmetics company Helena Rubenstein (famous for their tagline, “Power Beauty Since 1902) has recently signed Demi on for an ad campaign and is now finding itself under fire for overdoing the friendly photo-editing program. Here’s Demi Moore merely weeks ago:


And here’s Demi Moore post-photo-shoot and clearly, post-a-lot-of-overzealous-Photoshopping:

(Pictures source: http://thefashpack.onsugar.com/New-Demi-Moore-Fronts-Latest-Helena-Rubinstein-Campaign-22288349)

Note how there are absolutely no lines, no moles, no pores, and as a matter of fact, no sign of aging whatsoever.

Remember, Demi is 49 years old this year but in this ad, she looks decades younger than she actually is. In fact, she looks so heavily defined that she might as well have been wearing a mask! Or have been someone else.


Now, don’t get us wrong. We think that on her own, she’s perhaps one of the Hollywood celebrities who are known for aging gracefully. However, in light of her more recent “unshopped” photos, we all know that she definitely does not look like what Helena Rubenstein is advertising.

We’re sorry but, we much prefer Demi Moore (at her lowest point or not) when she looked a little bit more human.

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