What was supposed to be some romantic day out in Calabasas, California turned ugly when a pesky paparazzi stuck his lens too close to Justin Bieber’s and Selena Gomez’s faces.

The couple had just finished catching a flick as Calabasas Commons and had every intention to spend a little quality time together since Selena Gomez had just returned to Los Angeles. But the usually calm and collected Bieber appeared to lose his temper when a shutterbug wouldn’t leave them alone.


Though no one knows exactly what was exchanged in words, witnessed saw Bieber get involved in an altercation with the paparazzi. Failing to keep calm like he always does, his 19-year-old girlfriend Selena ran to his aid and appeared to be saying something to keep his nerves in check.

According to onlookers, she seemed to be desperately offering words of comfort and gently touching his arm, with a genuinely concerned look on her face. She then helped him pick up his baseball cap and one of his high top trainers after they flew off during the scuttle.

Justin, however, kept his darkened face on while putting his shoe back on before walking away with his head in his hands. Embarrassed?

Just as the Fire Department and Police, and the Los Angeles County paramedics were about to pull up, Justin made a dash for his van with Selena. The couple then left the scene while medics attended to the paparazzi for what appear to be a blow to the face. Word has it that he has since filed a report with the police.

Nothing has been confirmed yet, however, about how the issue would be resolved moving forward.

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