Atlantic recording group Matchbox Twenty has announced the release of their hugely-anticipated new album scheduled to arrive everywhere on the 4th September 2012.

NORTH” marks Matchbox Twenty’s fourth full-length studio recording and first all-new album in a decade.

When asked, Matchbox Twenty’s Paul Doucette said, “The title refers to us finding our way. We went into this record with a lot of material. Many different songs that could have taken us in many different directions.  It sort of overwhelmed us for a bit. But, at a certain point, we figured it out. We figured out where North was.”


The upcoming album sees Matchbox Twenty driving their pop-rock sound further forward; magnifying the indelible melodies, crafty lyricism, and glorious hooks that have always defined their multi-platinum body of work. The band – Rob Thomas, Paul Doucette, Kyle Cook and Brian Yale, lived together last Summer in a house in Nashville where they all collaborated on the new material before once again joining forces with the Grammy Award-winning producer Matt Serletic at his Emblem Studios in Calabasas, California.

The result of their labors? It stands among Matchbox Twenty’s finest, with songs like “Overjoyed” and “Put Your Hands Up” marked by the band’s instantly identifiable sonic approach and unadulterated high spirits. Following the announcement of the release, it was also confirmed that the new album’s electrifying first single, “She’s So Mean” is slated to be unveiled in June.

Well, obviously, they’ve still got it. And we can’t wait to hear it!

For more information, visit Matchbox Twenty’s official website.

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