It was merely a month ago when Yuna announced that she will be using her trusty Samsung GALAXY Note to shoot, edit, and animate her new music video.

That was a month ago.

(From left to right – Eric Cruz, Executive Creative Director, Leo Burnett Kuala Lumpur; Quek Shio Shuan, Director of “Sparkle” Music Video, Reservoir Production; Yuna Zarai; Vincent Chong, Head of Mobile Phones Division, Samsung Malaysia Electronics Sdn Bhd; Tan Kien Eng, Chief Executive Officer, Leo Burnett Kuala Lumpur; and Ismail Kamarul, Executive Producer, Reservoir Production)
Yuna Zarai, Samsung GALAXY Note Ambassador and award-winning Malaysian singer-songwriter, shares her experience of collaborating with Samsung on “The Sparkle Project”

Just yesterday, the people of Samsung Malaysia Electronics, invited guests of the entertainment industry, fans, and members of the media got a first look at “The Sparkle Project”.


Said to be Malaysia’s first music video created with the Samsung GALAXY Note, the event showcased Yuna’s new music video for her wonderful single, “Sparkle”. The music video was the result of a creative partnership between Yuna and Samsung Malaysia Electronics.

(From left) Quek Shio Chuan, Director of “The Sparkle Project” seated alongside Yuna, Samsung GALAXY Note Ambassador and award-winning Malaysian singer-songwriter and star of “The Sparkle Project”
Vincent Chong, Head of Mobile Phone Division, Samsung Malaysia Electronics delivers his welcome speech for “The Sparkle Project” Music Video Premier

“The past three months was an amazing experience for us all. The idea behind The Sparkle Project was basically to bring new perspectives to the music industry through the state-of-the-art technology built within the Samsung GALAXY Note. This in turn, brings new experiences to our customers and takes user experiences to a whole new level,” said Vincent Chong (Head of Mobile Phone Division, Samsung Malaysia Electronics).

Yuna, who is currently based in the United States, was in town specifically for the debut and made an appearance at the premier as Malaysia’s award-winning singer/songwriter and to share more on her creative partnership with Samsung Malaysia for the Samsung GALAXY Note. As part of the official launch of the music video, she also performed her single “Sparkle” at the event.

Vincent Chong, Head of Mobile Phone Division, Samsung Malaysia Electronics delivers his final words for “The Sparkle Project” as Yuna looks on.

When asked about her creative partnership with Samsung Malaysia Electronics for the Samsung GALAXY Note, Yuna beamed, “I am delighted to see the outcome of the Sparkle Music Video at this event. The entire shoot was unique and one-of-a-kind experience for me. I am happy that the fans’ support was overwhelming and many had submitted their creative visuals, inspiration and ideas to create this wonderful experience for all of us.”

Samsung customers and fans of Yuna took part in the exciting The Sparkle Project by contributing visual suggestions and ideas for the music video via The Sparkle Project’s digital space here. Selected ideas and visuals were creatively-interpreted and featured in Yuna’s ‘Sparkle’ music video.

Yuna Zarai, performing her single “Sparkle” at Samsung’s Exclusive Premier of “The Sparkle Project”

For more information on the Samsung GALAXY Note, please visit the official website or visit Samsung Mobile Malaysia’s Facebook page.

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