Big is better? Says who? We know a couple of Hollywood celebs who would only be too happy to disagree with you.

The “squoob”, short for “squashed boob” seems to be a comeback trend in cleavage these days. The term was coined after a number of celebs stepped onto the red carpet during the awards season frenzy earlier this year, sporting the suffocating 18th century-style look:

Miranda Kerr


Oh, Angel. Why, why? You’ve got it, flaunt it. Not squash it.

Katy Perry

She’s not letting her voluptuousness get away, that so for sure.


Is that supposed to be a gravity-defying trick? (read: age)


Salma Hayek

We don’t understand it when you already have a nice figure!

Christina Hendricks

One “Mad Men” star takes madness to another level.

Funny how they would willingly sacrifice comfort for style, huh? Although the “squoob” cleverly shapes to create the perfect hourglass figure, it is also more painful that playful in those restrictive dresses – turning “Ooh” into “Ow!”.

What do you think? Fashion faus pax?

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