The Malaysia Ukulele Group (MUG) was form in 2010 by a community of ukulele lovers and enthusiasts based mostly in Klang Valley. Though the picking up of and the mastering of the ukulele is still a niche to many, the existing members of the MUG make it a point to meet up every month to jam.

Little did we know, huh!’

From left, standing - Sofia, Doreen, Kamal and Fuad of the Malaysian Ukulele Group

Over “jamming sessions”, they’d practice, share tips and techniques, with select performances and showcases of new talent and songs.


Just last month, the MUG held their inaugural ukulele festival, coined as the “Malaysia Ukulele Day”. The event included ukulele workshops and performance in Titiwanga. It was attended by over 130 people, which is a lot, if you ask us, and it featured live-streaming of ukulele performance from abroad.

Flashmob Cube between Lot 10 Bukit Bintang & YES 4G Cube
Flashmob ending at the entrance of Chatime Galleria

Last weekend, more than a dozen ukuleles found their way to Lot 10’s Bintang Terrace, at Chatime’s social and community café, Chatime Galleria.

Oh, and no, it wasn’t a rude invasion of any sort. They were there on the sunny afternoon for the Uke-Time event, organized by the MUG. It kicked off with a brief ukulele flashmob at the busy Jalan Bukit Bintang intersection with Foster The People’s “Pumped Up Kicks”.

Ukulele workshop attended by ukulele enthusiasts of all ages

Guests and ukulele enthusiast (some who came from as far as Seremban) to join in the fun in the sun, while sipping binging on Chatime beverages.


[youtube id=”rOkF_8hTZxM” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Many passerbys who knew some of the songs by heart stopped to sing along. Way to lighten up someone’s Saturday, that’s for sure! Who knew that bubble tea an ukulele could bring people together with just one or a few songs? Right?

For more information, visit ChaTime Galleria’s Facebook page or hit up MUG’s website.

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