Their last known album was “Absolute Garbage” which was really not much garbage at all because it contained all of their greatest hits. Like all artistes or bands who suddenly take on hermitry, people thought that they’ve long disbanded.

But recently, alt-rockers Garbage have announced that they’re just finishing up a new album for release on the 14th of May 2012. This would be the band’s fifth studio album and their first since “Bleed Like Me” in 2006. Check out the sweet teaser they’ve upload just last month:

[youtube id=”Wr94b_9R7qc” width=”600″ height=”350″]


Word on the street is that Garbage has yet to name the new album but in this Wikipedia entry, it seems they’ve already announced that it’s going to be called “Not Your Kind of People”:

In a joint statement, the band said, “Years’ worth of pent-up music came out in some bizarre ways — bleary cell phone memos became real songs, conversations turned into lyrics, and new computer gizmos inspired wicked tangents.”

“Ghosts came in, had their say. Everyone brought ideas, and everyone fought their corner. At the end of the day it all gets shoved through the four-way brain filter that is Garbage and it ends up sounding like nobody else. Red feathers and black tar.”

Ghosts or no ghosts, we’ve been waiting for this album for way too long. And it feels like it has been eons since we last saw or heard Garbage’s lead singer-guitarist Shirley Manson!  So be sure to hit them back for constant updates.

For more information, rock on over to Garbage’s website or their Facebook page.

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