The latest musical-themed TV drama series hits home (read: Malaysia) and there’s only one way to celebrate its success! If you’ve absolutely no idea what we’re talking about, then watch this:

[youtube id=”5mwHDfl_GIE” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Eat your heart out, Glee?


Thanks to DIVA Universal, we’re giving out exclusive Smash merchandise to some lucky Hype readers! Think you deserve to win it?


Here’s what you have to do:

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  2. Follow us on our Twitter account.


  1. Share this post on your Facebook wall.
  2. Include the message, “I can sing, I can dance, & I can definitely win Smash goodies from Hype Malaysia!”
  3. Spread the above message on Twitter (don’t forget to tag @HypeMY on Twitter or won’t be able to see it).

Do the above and you stand a chance in snagging these:

  • 5x Limited Edition Smash Ladies Tees
  • 10x Limited Edition Smash Notepads

We personally like the “blings” on the Limited Edition Smash Ladies Tee – but we can’t keep it. Oh well! Contest is open to those residing in Selangor only and it ends on the 25th of May 2012 (Friday). Good luck!


Don’t forget to catch Smash every Monday at 9pm on DIVA Universal, Astro Channel 702. For more information, visit Smash NBC’s official website.

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