Just today, Google Malaysia launched the new Chrome Web Store. We know what you’re thinking – what does that mean? Isn’t the Chrome Web Store already available?

For starters, Google Chrome is used by 44% of desktop Internet users in Malaysia. The Chrome Web Store is an open marketplace that gives users an easy place to browse, discover and purchase the best apps on the web, and it gives developers a dedicated place to showcase their web applications.


The store is filled with easy-to-install apps and applications that are represented in a wall of images when you visit the store, so you can quickly scan the store and find interesting things you may or may not need:

[youtube id=”8y_Hn2aT8Ck” width=”600″ height=”350″]

But despite the numbers and demand  there were no localized applications and extensions.

Until today.

“We’re especially excited that the new Chrome Web Store  Chrome Web Store includes several apps designed especially for Malaysians, created by local developers”, said Sajith Sivanandan (Country Manager of Google Malaysia).

The first few partners to hop on board with the Malaysian Chrome Web Store are such as The Star, Malaysiakini, The Malaysian Insider, Air Asia, Amanz.my, and Maybank. All of which sent their representatives to the official launch.

Sajith Sivanandan, Country Manager, Google Malaysia; Arun Verma, Head of Technology & Innovation, AirAsia; Ikhwan Nazri, CEO, Amanz.my; Prem Chandran, CEO, Malaysiakini; Aizuddin Danan, Head of Web Media Management, Maybank; Jahabar Sadiq, CEO The Malaysian Insider; Izzuddin Mohd Noor, Senior Developer, The Star Online.

With the launch of the localized Chrome Web Store, Malaysian Chrome users can now expect to see apps from great local publishers, content creators, and companies. Even games, if you will!

Exciting times ahead for both application fanatics and games addicts? Most definitely. For more pictures from the launch, go here.

To explore the tens of thousand of items in the Chrome Web Store, go here.

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