“Give me a chance to talk you could like me a lot personality type, humor, culture and all that etc”

“Let’s chat pretty eyes, you’re gonna love talking with me”

“Hey come chat little princess won’t regret it I swear”


“I believe we should talk, you seem to be a great person and I care you know”

“If you see Plz reply, am different from everyone, I really am”

The barrage of “quotes” or should we say, tweets, come from a Quebec native named Kaven Marenger. If it isn’t clear enough, he has been obsessed with Rihanna for the longest time! So much so that to date, he has sent over 900 replies to RiRi’s tweets.

Okay, let’s be real – we are all guilty of “talking” to our favourite celeb(s) on Twitter. Because unlike “fan mail”, it’s the only outlet that allows fans to have real-time communication with their said idol. But which normal person floods a celeb with all sorts of random and weird?

What started slow and “fanboy”-like soon turned desperate and creepy. And you would think that someone would stop if he still hasn’t gotten a reply after almost a thousand tweets – nope! Not Kaven. Besides, we’re pretty sure Rihanna checks her tweets.

C’mon, she couldn’t have overlooked more than 900 tweets since May 2011, right?


What’s creepier is not only his undying obsession with RiRi or his Twitter timeline but also the fact that he has..two followers. And we’re not even sure if those are real people or spam bots. No friends, freaky tweets, stalker-ish Twitterer. We’re glad he doesn’t conveniently know her address

 “I Love you… I know I don’t know you but I mean the very little I know of you and your personality…”

Uh, yea.

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