What’s Kim Kardashian without some drama onscreen as well as off-screen?

It appears that either the writers at IMDb are just a bit too honest or there’s a “Kim hater” at works. Just a few hours ago, Kim’s bio page read:

“Kim Kardashian is emblematic of the shallowness of American culture in the first two decades of the new millennium. While some cultural critics call her the prime avatar of the famous for being famous faux celebrity crowd, she along with Paris Hilton is a new breed of cat whose celebrity comes from the release of a sex tape and the canny exploitation of the resulting publicity.


Like her good friend Miss Hilton (their relationship predates Kim’s “celebrity”), Kardashian is possessed of photogenic good looks but is short of any other discernible talents outside of the bedroom. Both expanded their celebrity by becoming reality TV stars.”

The attack continues with:

“That the women’s fame rests on the February 2007 leaking of a four-year-old home sex tape (for which she ultimately received $5 million from Vivid Entertainment) is an apt metaphor for socio-economic-cultural malaise in Washington and the country beyond, where everything seems to be run by amoral prostitutes in bed with each other and merely out for a buck.”

Oh dear. Obviously, somebody’s got something in a twist.

We’ve got a serious hater in the house!

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