You might or might not be familiar with “X Factor”, a television music competition franchise founded by Simon Cowell (yes, the cruelest-of-them-all judge). Like the title, the “X Factor” refers to the undefinable “something”, maybe a spark or pure charisma that makes for star quality. And if a contestant has star quality, he or she will be rewarded with a recording contract.

So why does it surprise us when the latest celebrity to be invited to join the show’s panel of judges is none other than Britney Spears?


It has been a poorly kept secret from months now considering the buzz that has been going around concerning her “X Factor” participation. Apparently, it was all due to the fact that she was initially offered a USD10 million deal, but has demanded USD20 million. In true Britney style, yes?

After some discussion and “bargaining”, they’ve finally come to an agreement with a USD15 million deal for Britney to be a panelist. Well, about USD12 million will come for her judging role and the rest will be paid for her to perform on the show. Steep!

She also reportedly said of her new “employment”, “I am so excited about this whole experience. It’s gonna be so much fun and different from anything I’ve ever done and I’m ready to find the true star!”

Uhm, okay Britney.

The more pressing question is, does she even have the “X Factor” to play judge? You decide.

For more information, visit their official website.

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