For someone his age, he really shouldn’t be posing for magazines this-a-way.

We hear that the cover shoot is meant to generate buzz for Tom Cruise’s latest film, “Rock of Ages”, in which he plays “Stacee Jaxx”. His role in the film involves, uh, being an arrogant 80s rocker who loves commanding an audience with big power chords, and quite possibly signs breasts backstage.


This also means that his character will most likely be going out of his way to hump everything that moves and soak in all the attention from his groupies – in true rock star style.

So it comes as no surprise that the cover of the upcoming W magazine is skewed in that way.

What’s disturbing is:

  1. He’s wearing eyeliner.
  2. He’s covered in tattoo and there’s a tattooed gun pointing at his you-know-where.
  3. A groupie is trying to put her hand down his pants.
  4. He’s wearing leather.
  5. He’s 49-years-old.

Did we also mention that “Rock of Ages” is a musical? Yes. Makes you feel just a bit sick, doesn’t it? It’s okay. You’re allowed to throw up:

[youtube id=”D7f0irytmqQ” width=”600″ height=”350″]

That is all.

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