While “The Avengers” continues to dominate the box office, Australian actor Chris Hemsworth is dominating the entertainment news today – for entirely different reasons!

It has been reported that “The Avengers” star and his Spanish wife, Elsa Pataky, is the entertainment world’s newest parents! They couple welcomed their baby girl (also first child), India Rose. Aww. What a sweet name!


The drop dead gorgeous husband and wife met only two years ago and quickly tied the knot three months into the relationship. In January this year, Elsa confirmed that she was, in fact, pregnant with the Australian heartthrob’s child. Speaking to the press, Elsa said, “Having the person that you love by your side, and starting a family with them, is the best thing that can happen to you in this life. You can’t ask for more.”

Sigh. That’s one proud daddy and mommy. Best “circa Mother’s Day” news ever!

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