Tonight, young French producer duo BeatauCue is going to electrify Kuala Lumpur alongside Deer Society, DangerDisko, and H3. Expect to hear a lot of techno and electro out at the club tonight when they take over the decks. And expect Bedroom at Pavilion KL to be pumping with energy, enough to shake the floors.

Like this:

[youtube id=”al4y9k-lIrU” width=”600″ height=”350″]


But before that, we took the BeatauCue boys aside and ran them by our “routine interrogation”. Oh, you know – something we always do without hurting the DJs..much. We kid. Although, yes, you could say we were being nosy. With only good intentions, of course!

Here goes.

You’ve just released your new single “Slow Down” about a month ago. What other projects can we expect to hear from BeatauCue for the year 2012?

“We are working on a bunch of remixes at the moment and we’ll be back at doing originals after all the remixes are done.”

In terms of music production, where do you find your source(s) of inspiration? Are there any music maestros or places in the world that your draw your inspirations from?

“We find our source of inspiration mainly in other people music. Eric Prydz and Diplo give us a lot of inspiration.”

What were the most epic moments of your careers and why?


“Playing festivals last year was great, big crowds are kinda epic. Girls showing their tits because they love your music is epic too in a way.”

Answer the following question: You’re stranded on an island, if given the allowance, what are the top five things that you must have with you?

“Laptop, hi-speed internet connection with WiFi, headphones, underwear, camembert.”

If you weren’t a DJ/producer, what would you most likely be doing?

“We would be better at video games!”

Name the oddest job you’ve ever had.

“We went from school to DJing so it’s our first and only job right now.”

What can the party people in Malaysia expect to see from your gig at Bedroom?

“Two french DJs playing tracks to make them dance. We are gonna have fun.”

You ready to see them boys? Drop everything, cancel all your Friday plans, and head on over to Bedroom at Pavilion KL tonight to catch them in action! You’ll never know when the opportunity will come by again.

Deets are as follows:

  • Date: 11th May 2012
  • Venue: Bedroom, Pavilion
  • Time: 9:30pm onwards
  • Price: RM 60 (Door Sales), RM 40 (Pre Sales)

Uh, but do us a favour and please don’t flash the DJs, okay?

For more information, visit Bedroom’s Facebook page. Also, remember to LIKE BeatauCue on theirs!

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