In a recent photo that Emma Watson uploaded via her Twitter, she seems to have taken the liking to channeling Jennifer Lopez. Pink velour tracksuit. Those UGGs. And, um, donning a lot of body art:

That long brown hair? Three tattoos? What’s going on?


Don’t worry, all is well. She’s just doing this for her role as “Nicki” for an upcoming movie (which also stars Kirsten Dunst and Leslie Mann), “The Bling Ring”.

The movie is based on true accounts of a group of mostly teenagers based around Calabasas, California who broke in to and burglarized the homes of several stars including Paris Hilton, Orlando Bloom, Megan Fox, Rachel Bilson, Ashley Tisdale, and Lindsay Lohan.

Emma as Nicki, is daughter to an ex-Playboy model mother (played by Leslie Mann) who schools her two daughter on the importance of finding fame. Right. If fame included robbery of the rich and famous celebrities, that is.

On a lighter note, we’ve noticed how Emma Watson is really getting into character with this one. Especially when she tweeted:

Really getting into character huh, Emma? Okay nevermind that. Check out how super hot she looks!:


Sofia Coppola’s “The Bling Ring” movie, which is currently being filmed, is expected to be released in 2013.

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