Malaysia’s local pop-punk band An Honest Mistake (AHM) launched their second album “Say What You Want, Say What You Will“‘ in partnership with Publika @ MAP, Dutamas on 29th April 2012.


With their first album launch three years ago, An Honest Mistake is determined to bring their second album launch a notch higher this April. Setting up as a mini carnival, this album launch is more than just music, but the materialization of passion and dedication.

Aptly set at the heart of the creative hub Publika Square, the event features fashion bazaar..

..and performances by local acts such as “Hello, Is This The Band?” and “Darren Ashley“, together with An Honest Mistake’s brand new line ups from “Say What You Want, Say What You Will”. The album launch is going to end with a “closing rave” by one of the best female Deejays in town – DJ Faith.

Through “Say What You Want, Say What You Will” album launch, An Honest Mistake desires to unite and inspire the young artistic talents through musical performances and fashion enterprises.


“Say What You Want, Say What You Will” is a self-funded album, recorded under An Honest Mistake’s own recording label.

Their electric guitarist Leonard Chua shared, “Without any sponsor, we worked really hard to produce and launch this album because we truly believe in our craft. We are serious about our music, and we are here to stay.”

From the first album to the second album, the journey is clearly not a bed of roses. An Honest Mistake faced barriers just like any other Malaysian artist in the music industry – there were lack of support to the scene.

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“To An Honest Mistake, music, hard work and passion transcend all these barriers. We can’t wait to show you ‘Say What You Want, Say What You Will’. Through this, we hope to gain as much support from the media and most importantly, our listeners,” continued Chua.

An Honest Mistake’s Frontman, Darren Teh commented, “We are proud and yet humbled that as an indie local band; we are able to pull up an outdoor album launch at the heart of creativity hub – Publika all by ourselves with the help from our good friends”:

[youtube id=”tJUSDiZPg6s” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Of dedication and diligence, there is no mistake that An Honest Mistake is here to stay.

For more information, visit their official website. And don’t forget to LIKE their Facebook page!

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