Ah, Quick Response (QR) Codes. Every geek, advertiser, & marketeer wants in on them these days. To the layman (or “laywoman”), it appears to be some kinda of matrix-like pattern that no normal human being would be able to decode with the naked eye. Which is what gives it its mystery. So mysterious that it caught on like a bug that everybody wants one to represent their brand or product or identity and everybody else wants to decode them all.

So while you scramble to dig out your smart gadget to scan and decode a QR Code, consider these highly ridiculous ones which will leave you completely clueless. As clueless as when you first set eyes on the QR Code. And perhaps a little bit amused too if you’re still alive:


“A rose by any other name, would..”  ..still be as confusing.

Hey bra. Nice paint job. Now, what?

Here’s one that had every intention of playing “hide and seek”. Uh, sure.

Yes, it’s true. QR Codes aren’t only mysterious; they keep you snuggly and warm too.


Sure, we’ll scan it – just as soon as we can finally catch up to the bus.

Warning: Made for freakishly tall human beings only.

Scan the code, but mind the gap. If this doesn’t “code” suicide, we don’t know what else does.

(Pictures source: http://wtfqrcodes.com/)

Had a good laugh?

We know there are some funnier QR Codes lying/sticking/flying/random-ing around wherever you are too. And if you have some of that hilarity to share, take a picture and send it to us at [email protected]. Also, do remember to attach the picture in the e-mail with your details:

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Just so that we’ll know who to credit those pictures to 🙂

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