The 7,900 tickets for his upcoming show in Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam were snapped up in under three hours, beating some other countries to the chase. But that comes as no surprise because world-famous Canadian comedian Russell Peters breaks comedy sales records wherever he sets foot on the globe.

It’s like magic. And apparently, Malaysians love Russell Peters’ magic. So much so that his fans started queuing up from as early as 6:30am on the 19th of April to snag his “Notorious World Tour 2012” tickets.

Those who got ’em tickets can finally tick “Watch Russell Peters live” off their bucket list. Those who didn’t, well, SURPRISE!


The rumours are true! LOL Events Sdn Bhd and The Comedy Club Kuala Lumpur have hinted that they were in talks with Russell Peters to organize a second show, after fans have showed such a great demand for the comedian. Demand that never quite ended.

Just last week, it was confirmed.

Russell Peters is slated to perform a second show (which, incidentally happens a day before the original “first” show) on the 11th of May 2012 (Friday). Are you guys excited or..what? Right? And hey, everybody deserves a second chance. To uh, get hurt..real..bad.

So here we go again. Fans, lace up your shoes and prepare to race/rush for tickets. We have a feeling this one will go doubly as fast and we’re not kidding.

For more information, go bug LOL Events Sdn Bhd here or visit Russell Peters’ official website.

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