Thank you all for the super hard work. You’re all super sports and superheroes!

Here’s the complete list of winners (the initial 10 plus 33) for our #AvengersHype movie tickets giveaway:

  1. Gerald Tan
  2. Melissa Stothard
  3. Kwok Yang
  4. Chris Aaron
  5. Sebastian Loh
  6. Kit Wai
  7. Mervin Wong
  8. Daniel Pierre
  9. Matthew Pak
  10. Shan Kanniah
  11. Jerlyn Tay
  12. Amir Azrael
  13. Szetoo Weiwen
  14. Nevash Nair
  15. Kiran Sidhu
  16. Sofia Wong
  17. Ntasha Suyin Azemi
  18. Simran Sandhu
  19. Lionel Low
  20. Shakir Ameer
  21. Michelle Choo
  22. Kenny Teoh
  23. Tiffany Ooi
  24. Atkins Risha Abraham
  25. Intan Sazleena Ramli
  26. Suhaila Zabor
  27. Farah J. Abd
  28. Sharmy My
  29. Evelyn Foo Suan Choo
  30. Stephen Ho
  31. Tay Keng Hooi
  32. Andrew Jee
  33. Yooi Yooi Chia
  34. Allan Tan
  35. Sharlyn
  36. Kystina
  37. Darshina Patel
  38. Heather Chong
  39. Gut Chin Nah
  40. Jaze Khoo
  41. Chin Ee
  42. Yasmin Yeoh
  43. Michael Phua



Deets as follows:

Date: 27th April 2012 (Friday)

Venue: GSC Mid Valley

Time: 9pm

Kindly collect your tickets from our counter at GSC Mid Valley from 8pm onwards. Remember, tickets are non-transferable.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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