The sun was setting, the weekend looming, but the party was at Suria KLCC. At the concourse level, it was nothing but fashion fever when Charles & Keith launched their Summer 2012 collection on Friday.


The cocktail party was graced by the presence of numerous members of the media, fashionistas, and other esteemed guests such as our beautiful local celebrities, Sazzy Falak, Carmen Soo, Aishah Sinclair, and Azura Zainal.

While the wine was a-pouring and guests were a-mingling, we were given a special sneak peek at some of the products we will soon see on the shelves of Charles & Keith outlets:

“Charles & Keith Summer 2012 welcomes you to a fantasy island escapade where lush flora and fauna and the fashion tribe greets you in their exotic terrain. Be inspired by graphic ethnic motifs and effortlessly sleek contemporary craftsmanship. Arm yourself in polished metal body armour and accessories throughout this adventurous exploration.”

“Trek along the trails of vibrant colours and natural organic materials under the glistening warmth of the sun and soak yourself in the ethnicity of the natives in new age. Mirror the sharpest silhouette in contemporary minimalism and create a striking impression.”

[youtube id=”KHAZ8l-jY4M” width=”600″ height=”350″]


“Live the lift of castaway in paradise with Charles & Keith Summer 2012 collection that speaks the new testament of cosmopolitan fashion.”

For more pictures, go here.

For more information on Charles & Keith’s Summer’12 collection, visit their website.

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