Have you ever once or twice in your life dreamed of someday sharing a stage with your favourite artiste? Are you once of those people who hole up in your room writing and performing songs in front of a video camera? Do your friends often tell you that you should be taking part in competitions or sending your demos to record labels?

Then we think we’ve found the perfect avenue for you!


Laundry, a staunch supporter of the local music scene in Kuala Lumpur, is proud to present the “YouTube To YouLive Sing-Off” program with aims to raise the profile of the Malaysian music scene via a new and fresh platform for aspiring singer-songwriters in Malaysia. We’re talking, YouTube and Facebook!

As one of Laundry’s mission is to introduce the diverse genres of music regardless of origins to its audience, the YouTube To YouLive Sing-Off program is open to all Malaysian citizens aged 18 and above. Participants can be solo artists, groups, or bands. Anyone with a webcam and a great voice can audition, as long as he/she is an unsigned musician.

At the press conference, Darrin Lin (Chief Creative Officer of the Chaswood Resources Group of Restaurants) said, “Malaysia is filled with extremely talented musicians and we want to give them the platform to shine. We’re excited to launch the auditions via YouTube. We’ve seen many great artistes come out of YouTube, Zee Avi one of them. Who knows what we might discover this time round.”

Exciting times ahead, YouTubers!

Here’s the complete breakdown of the series of YouTube To YouLive Sing-Off events:


Some of the celebrity judges that will be taking part in judging the live showcases states in the above schedule are such as The Azenders, An Honest Mistake, Liyana Fizi, and Pesawat, as well as Darrin himself.

The Grand Prize winner will be awarded RM5000 in cash + RM 1000 Laundry vouchers, and a chance to stage a “Live Concert” in Laundry in July, plus extensive media coverage to start their road to fame. The 1st runner up will win RM3000 cash + RM500 Laundry vouchers and the 2nd runner up will be rewarded with RM1000 cash + RM250 Laundry vouchers.

The program will go live on the 23rd of April (that’s TODAY) and entries can be sent via their Facebook page.

You know what they say; if you’ve got it, flaunt it. So hide no more, aspiring singer-songwriters. You’ve found your calling.

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