One of the fastest growing franchises in Malaysia, with more than 50 outlets nationwide, can now add yet another achievement to their CV.

Just last night, Chatime Malaysia announced the launch of “The New Social & Community Café”, one of the five planned for this year, Chatime Galleria. Located in Bandar Puteri Puchong, this outlet is specially designed as a premium-concept café with the same range of well-loved drinks on top of a brand new snack menu.

You got that right. Chatime serves food now!


At the launch, Bryan Loo (CEO of Chatime Malaysia) said, “Chatime Galleria is the place where ideas, music, and events come together. As a social and community café, we ave teamed up with Malaysian talents, creative minds, and community groups to plan a series of culturally enriching events for residents and businesses in each area.”

“Over the next few months, Chatime Galleria will play host to events by CultureRun, a business that advocates communal skill-sharing and learning, PoskodMY’s #BetterKL, a creative grassroots campaign on improving urban living, and the Malaysia Ukulele Group, a community of music enthusiasts and ukulele lovers”, he added.

And it sure does look like they’ve got in down pat because the layout and space of Chatime Galleria appears to have multiple purposes, be it for private events or parties. Aherm. Parties like the “Chatime Party” at the launch, of course:

[youtube id=”CKId0V1kwP4″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

We’re thinking, where better to have music events, performances, and art showcases with a large serving of your favourite Taiwanese bubble tea in hand? Right?



We’ve already had that experience once, last night, when Chatime Malaysia took the liberty of inviting some of our favourite local talents to perform at the opening. Local singer-songwriters Bihzhu, Liyana Fizi, and The Impatient Sisters serenaded us with acoustic performances as we helped ourselves to dosages and dosages of free flow pearl milk tea.

“Overdose” never felt so good!

For more pictures from the Chatime Galleria launch, go here.

For more information, visit their official website or their Facebook page.

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