As long as you have a touchscreen smartphone or a tablet (or both), you could be well on your way to being the applications’ world’s or social media’s top artist. Nevermind YouTube. All you need is “Draw Something”! If you haven’t caught on the extremely distracting, super time-consuming doodle application, start now don’t even start okay we can’t decide.

Much like “Pictionary”, Draw Something was released only six weeks ago but already it has more than 20 million downloads for both paid and free versions of the application.

[youtube id=”EjF9rM_8KiI” width=”600″ height=”350″]


Here are some of the Draw Something “art pieces” that we absolutely have to share. Note that some are from us and our friends. Yes, we’re being totally fair here:

The Amazing Ones

(Pictures source:

The Friends-of-Hype Ones


(We’re pretty sure deadmau5 would be proud of this)

(Wait, what?)

The Wesley Chan Ones

(Yes, that would be this Wesley Chan from Wong Fu Productions)

(Picture source:

Well, hurry up and get on. All the cool kids are doing it! Right?

And if you’re already on it, if you have some amazing ones or funny ones to share, do send them in to us at [email protected]. We promise to feature it 🙂

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