Yuna Zarai, more popularly known as Yuna, is a singer-songwriter well known for her indie vibe and versatile approach to music. But her busy schedule makes it impossible for her to reach out to each and every single individual fan.

We can’t blame her But! With her trusty Samsung GALAXY Note, all that is about to change. And some artistes really are as sweet as you think they are.


Yuna announced that she’s about to take her fans through a journey, in collaboration with Samsung. People, get ready to embark on “The Sparkle Project“:

[youtube id=”SWLZVX4UKkA” width=”600″ height=”350″]

That’s so funny! And so cute!

And no, we really don’t think she spends all day indoors with sunnies and doing totally random things with her Samsung GALAXY Note. We do, however, think that this is perhaps one of her most interesting projects to date!

“The Sparkle Project” is going to be Yuna’s first ever music video shot, edited, and animated entirely on Yuna’s Samsung GALAXY Note. But she can’t do it alone, right? So heed her call and help her complete the “Sparkle” music video by sharing your thoughts and ideas on the Idea Cloud.

Go on, give her a hand! Show her some love. Via The Sparkle Project’s official website.

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