She has already made international headlines many times. For being a reality TV star, and somewhere down the line, a sex tape. For the fairy-tale wedding that wasn’t, and for the most publicized divorce of one of the shortest marriages of the year.

Not all about her is bad. She is also a businesswoman with a clothing boutique and is reportedly currently dating a, uh, interesting man who will “dispute” anything and everything you have to say. We take it that’s her “venture” into the music industry then?

Yesterday, she made headlines again with she spoke publicly about her next big thing – the public office. Yup.


Kim Kardashian has officially announced that she hopes to run for mayor of Glendale, California after she establishes residency in the Los Angeles suburb. She believes strongly that she has sound reasons for this and that’s because she is of Armenian descent and the suburb is home to a large Armenian community.

Sure. Of course the public office needs drama:

Hold up, don’t move out yet!

The 31-year-old Kardashian also said that it will only happen in five years. Oh you know, considering all the time she will have to take to buy a house and setup her “fort” and stuff.

Which means, you have about five years to move out. Cool.

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