Awesome news after awesome news. Universal Music Malaysia have announced that they have goodies up for grabs. Now, we know you’ve seen the pictures, you’ve watched the trailer (several times infact, maybe?), and you’ve probably set the countdown clock.

How do you guys feel about winning some “The Avengers” stuff?


Following the release of Soundgarden‘s first song in 15 years, “Live to Rise”, which will be featured in the end credits to one of this year’s most highly anticipated movies, “The Avengers”, Universal Music Malaysia is giving you (yes, YOU) the opportunity to get more than you’ve ever asked for – in a good way. The Avengers Assemble Original Soundtrack will be released on the 7th of May, 2012.

And these are the official “The Avengers” merchandise that are up for grabs:

That would be:

  • 3 x Avengers Assemble + Marvel’s The Avengers T-shirt 
  • 3 x Avengers Assemble + Marvel’s The Avengers iPhone Cover
  • 3 x Avengers Assemble + Marvel’s The Avengers Buttons
  • 3 x Avengers Assemble + Marvel’s The Avengers T-shirt Metal Keychain 

We’re not going to deny that we’re not secretly eyeing the iPhone cover for ourselves. Aherm.

Anyway! So here’s the thing – all you have to do is answer the following questions:

  1. When is the release date of “The Avengers Assemble Original Soundtrack”?
  2. Name two tracks from “The Avengers Assemble Original Soundtrack”

Then e-mail your answers/entry along with your personal details (Full Name, I.C No, Address, Phone Number) to [email protected] before 11:30pm on the 30th of April 2012.

Pretty easy, no? Go get yourself some of that official “The Avengers” stuff and stuff!


For more information, visit the Facebook event/contest page.

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