There’s bad music, corny lyrics, and then there are the “Top 5 Worst Album Covers“. Some were so bad that we were almost  inclined to say, “Top 5 Worst Album Covers In The History Of Mankind” or “For The Love Of Music Why Did You Do That?”.

But let’s be kind. After all, we’re already picking FIVE out and calling them out for being bad.

Dick Black And His Band – A Taste Of Dick Black


Celtic Scottish music, apparently. “A Taste Of..” ..Uh, no thanks.

John Bult – Julie’s Sixteenth Birthday

Nevermind “Sweet Sixteen” – “Julie” is obviously depressed about her age. True story: John Bult is a house painter by trade these days. No prizes for guessing why.

Millie Jackson – Back To The S__t

Let’s play “Wheel of Fortune” with this one. I’d like to buy a vowel. Not the album, a vowel. Yes, R&B album covers were way different in the 80s. We’re kinda grateful for the blings and grillz now.


Rudy Ray Moore – This Ain’t No White Christmas


Svetlana Gruebbersolvik – My Lips Are For Blowing

Poor girl didn’t know what her album cover was setting her up for. At the very least, we hope people bothered to listen to her talent. We mean the flute. Not what her lips are meant “for”. Head out of gutter, boys!

Bad record label management/marketing is bad. How DID they sell anyway?

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