You know by now that Jay Park is coming to Malaysia for his “Jay Park Showcase“. And we know that Malaysian “Jaywalkers” are très excited about this.

But let’s turn things up a notch, shall we?

Jay Park will be celebrating his 25th birthday on the 25th of April. Since it’s only weeks away from his show in Kuala Lumpur, let’s wish him a gigantic happy birthday. Better yet, let’s win prizes for doing so!


We know what you’re thinking – if you love Jay Park, are a true Jaywalker, and want so badly to see him perform live on the 13th of May 2012, then this is like the best day ever! Right?

But you gotta work for it. And here’s what you have to do:

  1. Become a fan of Universal Music Malaysia Chinese Facebook page (read: “Like”)
  2. Post a video of your creative Malaysian style shout-out to Jay Park by including all three words “Jay Park”, “Happy Birthday”, and “New Breed” with a maximum length of 30 seconds. Participating individuals must be present in the video.
  3. Get friends to vote and comment on your video.
  4. The video with the most likes will get an exclusive pass to meet and greet Jay Park in person before the showcase and an exclusive showcase ticket. The comment with the most likes will receive a limited edition Jay Park poster set.

Submit your video URL under “Contest Form” here. Sound easy, huh?

You would do it for Jay, wouldn’t you?

Then do it quick because, remember, the contest will close on the 25th of April 2012. Good luck, Jaywalkers!

For more information, visit Universal Music Malaysia Chinese’s Facebook page.

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