You know, sometimes when you’re stuck in the office, there’s no better place to snag yourself some “brain juice” (read: some good music) via live streaming. As a matter of fact, many of us have willingly fallen “victim” to spending way too much time on YouTube.


It’s about to get a bit more serious this time around because Warner Music Group (WMG) recently unveiled an original YouTube Channel to be available online for all you music lovers.


The Warner Sound” was launched in conjunction with livestream of SXSW® gigs from T.I., B.o.B, Dr.John, Ed Sheeran, Gary Clark, Jr., Kimbra, Theophilus London and many others. Its sole purpose is to offer access, sneak peeks, and exclusive shows featuring your favourite talents.

What? Can’t attend that Gym Class Heroes concert in Baltimore? Wish you could catch Regina Spektor live? You know who’s got it!

Built around exclusive access to superstars, celebrities and breaking talent, “The Warner Sound” YouTube channel will offer an eclectic mix of specially-produced programs, all with music at their core. The digital destination will embrace a broad spectrum of genres and formats, from artist interviews, back-stage documentaries and live events to animated series, scripted comedy and experimental concepts that take advantage of YouTube’s unique technology. Select programs will give fans the chance to decide the direction of the action, interact with artists or offer feedback. Accessible world-wide, “The Warner Sound” will also feature rare films from Warner Music’s vaults as well as material from artist channels.

(Source: Warner Music Group)

Oh my, the possibilities are endless! Missed T.I.‘s performance at SXSW 2012? Here you go:

[youtube id=”gA-EwLZpflo” width=”600″ height=”350″]

When asked, Chairmain & CEO of Warner Music Group, Lyor Cohen said, “The Warner Sound will be a unique opportunity for artists to further their creativity, excite their fans and diversify their careers. Collaborating with an array of talent from across our labels, we will produce highly original music programming and digital entertainment. Our channel will be home to a wide variety of must-see, exclusive shows, made by people who love music, for people who love music.” 


We can’t agree more. So, want a bite of the wide variety of exclusive shows? Head on over to The Warner Sound’s YouTube channel pronto!

Psst. Can’t help but wonder though (since YouTube Malaysia has been launched) whether such an opportunity for a “The Warner Sound Malaysia” will arise anytime soon for our local acts. Just saying, just saying!

For more information, visit Warner Music Group’s official website.

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