We certainly don’t get enough K-pop where we are so you can imagine our excitement when we heard that Korean acapella group, “Red Soul” was coming to Malaysia!

And when the exclusive media invite came in from M.E. Malaysia to meet Park Bookyu, Lee Haneulee, Hwang Taeik, Won Eunkook, and Oh Jun Sang for the very first time, how could we say no? Actually, scratch that. We’re super glad we didn’t say no.


The event took place in the quiet and cozy Fullhouse Lifestyle Store and Cafe in Sunway Giza – which was the perfect setting, really! Red Soul sang and serenaded us with a mix of both popular songs, as well as their originals. They even performed alongside our very own Malaysian musicians, “Once Upon A Time There Was A Sausage Named Bob“.

Which was every bit of a surprise to us because we’ve never seen them play a live acoustic set. Watch:

[youtube id=”tp7yLEtSMQY” width=”600″ height=”350″]

With voices that harmonized so well, so smoothly, and combined talents that blew us away, we left feeling nothing short of impressed!

Did we mention that Red Soul also performed a cover of BIGBANG‘s latest single, “Fantastic Baby“?:

[youtube id=”wm9yKL9zy3c” width=”600″ height=”350″]


Nananana. Wow.

Well, what can we say? Surely the Korean boys aren’t winners (read: Korea’s Acapella Competition 2007) for nothing. For more pictures from our night with Red Soul, go here.

And if you’re already a fan just by watching the above videos, feel free to stalk them via their Facebook page.

You’re welcome.

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