Morganfield’s at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur is fast gaining its reputation as THE PLACE to go to if you’re looking for non-halal, American-diner style food. We’re talking, pork.

Morganfield’s ™ combines life’s two greatest passions: Music and great soul food. At the heart of Morganfield’s ™is its signature dish – “Sticky Bones” – a truly authentic, old-fashioned prime pork ribs slow-cooked and smoked in coal and hickory wood to a tender mouthwatering perfection, then basted with the gluey sweet and tangy hickory flavored barbeque sauce with a hint of cider. A perfect accompaniment with good blues music and great friends! Sticky Bones ™, one of life’s magnificent pleasures!

Watch their uh, unofficial video here:


[youtube id=”BBoLA_BQ4tU” width=”600″ height=”350″]

The restaurant is cozily lit, allowing patrons to immerse in a comfy ambience while dining and drinking. You may also choose your “area” to your liking because Morganfield’s is divided into three different sections – outdoor (al fresco), indoor, and a bar.


Of course, because the food is primarily non-halal, they won’t stinge when it comes to emphasizing on various star attractions such as their “Porky-Licious Must Tries“:

There’s also quite a large selection of alcohol (liquor, beer, wine) to go with your food.


And speaking of “going” with your food, Morganfield’s is one restaurant that will insist you try their main attraction, their “lead actor/actress”, star of all stars, the hickory wood-smoked pork ribs. Their signature “Sticky Bones Spare Ribs” dish is a rack of the most tender, succulent, and heart pork ribs in town, basted with BBQ sauce.



Grilled and basted.

Oh yum!

Trust us, you’re not going to be gentle with this one because it’s one deliciously meaty mess. And not something you want to be ordering/eating on your first date with a somebody.

Best of all is if you can’t decide on just one type of meat then hey, why not try the combo? Morganfield’s have also prepared a chicken plus pork duo for those who are spoilt for choice:

Yup. Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds is generous servings, topped off with fries and coleslaw? Personally, we went for this one the first time we paid Morganfield’s a visit and it completely won us over. Deelish!

Tempted yet? But wait,  before you take a bite out of your computer screen (or phone screen, or tablet, or whatever), Morganfield’s have got great news for new and returning patrons! For a limited time only, they are offering you a reason to celebrate your weekends with a special “BUY 1 FREE 1/2 Sticky Bones Spare Ribs” deal!

So, going somewhere this weekend?

Details are as follows:

Morganfield’s @ Pavilion,
Lot No. : C4.03.00, Level 4, Pavilion,
Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 03-2141-3192
Operation Hours: 11am – 1am
For more information, visit their Facebook page.

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