Chocolates are for every and any occasion. Anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Easter, good days, bad days, and even Mother’s Day.

And no chocolate manufacturer knows this better than GODIVA Chocolatier.


Founded in Belgium over 80 years ago, GODIVA now owns and operates more than 450 retail boutiques and shops all over the world, selling only the most premium chocolates..oh, the truffles..

(Sorry, we couldn’t help it!), cocoa, biscuits, dipped fruits and sweets, shakes, ice creams, cakes, so on and so forth. Walk into a GODIVA Chocolatier store anywhere and you’ll instantly drown in luxury. Shapes, sizes, flavours, you name it, they have it.

On a not-so-light note, premium chocolates will of course, come with premium prices. Which explains why most of us don’t include GODIVA chocolates our daily diet. Sad but true. Boo.

Ah! But here’s your chance to score yourself a day of chocolate indulgence (and lots more) with GODIVA Chocolatier!

In conjunction with Mother’s Day in May, you and the Queen of your heart aka “Mummy Dearest” might stand a chance to win an exclusive dining access at GODIVA. And that’s not all. Guests will also be treated to a prep & prime session plus makeover by Benefit cosmetics, GODIVA hampers, door gifts, and premiere movie tickets. Plus, your special moments will be captured by celebrity photographer, Bonnie Yap.


How’s that for an epic Mother’s Day celebration? All you have to do is go here to submit your entry.

For more information, visit Valiram Group’s website or hit up Pavilion KL’s Facebook page.

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