After rumours about him coming to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, then rumours about him not coming after all:

Followed by Malaysians’ tired collective sighs. Then, again, rumours about him possibly making it to our shores after all begun to hit social media platforms. There was hope! Albeit a bit of a mad roller-coaster ride for us all.


And now, it has finally been confirmed (via his Twitter acc):


Canadian-born stand-up comedian and actor Russell Peters is going to make it to Malaysia as part of his “Notorious World Tour 2012“! Double confirmations from the man himself can’t be all that inaccurate, right? Or else somebody’s seriously going to get hurt!

Last we heard, tickets for his show in Singapore in 2008 were sold out within the hour that they were released. Wow! But that’s not entirely surprising because in his homeland, he was the first comedian to sell out Toronto’s Air Canada Centre – we’re talking 16,000 tickets in two days for just one show.

In May 2010, he broke records when his show in Sydney, Australia brought in an audience of over 13,800 fans, making it the largest stand-up comedy in Australian history!


Oh dear. We sure do hope that we have a venue big enough to accommodate his Malaysian fans here, who have all been waiting since yonks to see him perform like this:

[youtube id=”FIFIhn5idZU” width=”600″ height=”350″]


Ticketing details and venue has not been confirmed yet so now, we pray that our hard laws won’t restrict the artist from coming. All we know is he’s coming to us on the 12th of May (Saturday). We’ll update as it comes along.

Meanwhile, Malaysian laws please be kind! Let us laugh!


For more information, visit Russell Peters’ official website or follow him and get some daily LOLs via his Twitter account.

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