In a world oh so serious where making puns and crafting silly jokes will get you into jail, one man, TL,  who is born sarcastically humorous is destined to change the cause of the world. He faces many difficulties in life due to the clash between his lust for sense of humour and the literal (seriously) world that he lives in.

One day, he was reminded of a long forgotten ancient relic, the Pun-dora’s box, which, according to the myth would bring anarchy to this otherwise boring world. “Corporal PUNishment” sees TL embarking on an epic adventure with his companions, overcoming the odds that inevitably stand in their way.


But, what awaits them inside the Pun-dora’s box? Could it be the long forgotten sense of humour? Or could it be a global PUNdemic that will change the(ir) world forever? They don’t know either. They haven’t written that part of the script yet.


Incorporating a strong element of ensemble work, Corporal PUNishment is the farcical response to the sometimes monotonous world that we find ourselves in and attempts to remind us not to take our natural sense of humour for granted.

Featuring the stellar cast of:

  • Chi Ho
  • Erin Marie
  • Jen Yee
  • Jeremy Ooi
  • Joe Pagnelli
  • Lorna Hoong
  • Matthew Ong
  • Miho Yeap
  • Prisca Wong
  • Uihua (cameo appearance)

Directed by Freddy Tan and presented by the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC), this is one kick ass show where you won’t get your ass kicked. Maybe just end up laughing yourselves into stitches.

Deet are as follows:

  • Dates & Times: 11th April (Opening Preview) @ 8:38pm, 12th to 14th April @ 8:38pm, 1th April (Matinee) @ 3:33pm
  • Venue: Pentas 2, KLPAC
  • Ticketing: RM33 (Adult), RM23 (TAS card, UNHCR card, Student & The Disabled)

Online ticket purchases can be made here. All prices inclusive of RM3 handling fee. You may also make a walk-in purchase at KLPAC or The Actors Studio at Lot 10, Kuala Lumpur.

For more information, visit Corporal PUNishment’s Facebook page or call  +603-4097 9000.

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